Click CompareIT and receive quotes on up to four vendors on even the most sophisticated configurations. The key to controlling costs in a highly competitive, and commoditized, datacenter world is the knowledge of similarities in architecture and experience with proven strategies that have been used to reduce costs year over year for more than a decade. There is a paradigm shift happening in how IT departments are driving hardware costs down, and IngeNEW IT is leading the way with CompareIT!

The Perfect Compliment to a Datacenter Catalogue

The datacenter world is becoming increasingly more commoditized and all vendors are competing for market share. The realty is, from a server perspective, most x86 platforms are very similar in form and functionality. And, not to discount the contributions and value attributed to solid partnerships, conscientious customers recognize how valuable it can be when you can compare the cost and functionality of any server, storage or network configuration in your QuoteIT Catalogue with a click of your mouse.

Competitive Balance made Simple!

It is no secret that competitive balance is the secret to competitive pricing. CompareIT is the culmination of over 10 years of experience with proven strategies that have saved millions of dollars without the use of labor intensive, time consuming, and frequently confusing RFPs on hardware purchases. The reality is that, in the vast majority of cases, OEMs have similar product lines and are accustomed to competing with the each other. IngeNEW IT has perfected a system that can quickly and easily compare architectire and pricing… it’s called CompareIT!

Let Us Show You How Simple IT Can Be!