CoupleIT is an innovative way to manage datacenter software subscriptions by coupling them with the underlying hardware for reporting purposes. The benefits are numerous, but the most exciting are 1) software audit mitigation and 2) the ability to manage or/repurpose software subscriptions during the hardware lifecycle. Decommission a server and the subscription is uncoupled and available to be repurposed during the refresh cycle. No waste or oversubscription worries with CoupleIT!

Datacenter Software Subscription Management

Are we undersubscribed… or are we oversubscribed… is the question asked my many IT organizations. And once you figure it out, how do manage the subscriptions so that you don’t end up in the same quandary a couple of years from now? Have you ever asked the question why software companies don’t require information on the corresponding hardware when you call in a software support ticket? We have… and the result of our conclusions was the impetus for CoupleIT. Once we have established your software baseline, and couple it with your hardware assets management of the subscriptions becomes Simple!

Software Audit Mitigation

Once we create a software baseline, and our IngeNEW IT software management protocols are adopted; our clients maintain the ability to create real time reports on not just the quantity and brand of every OS, hypervisor, or application running in the datacenter, but the make, model, and serial number of the underlying hardware it is installed. We can’t guarantee things out of our control, but imagine being confronted by a software vendor on a prospective audit, and within seconds being able to supply them with an unprecedented amount of relative data… advantage our clients!.

Let Us Show You How Simple IT Can Be!