The ManageIT module is no ordinary datacenter asset CMDB. Sure, there are many successful CMDBs in the marketplace that can track your assets, their warranties, and even their locations in the datacenter, but are they automatically providing firmware and bug fix alerts necessary to maintain a healthy datacenter? Or, are they assisting in lifecycle management based on OEM End of Sale and End of Support Life data? Well... ManageIT does!

Automatic Update Feeds

Keeping the datacenter up and running is the priority of most IT organizations. And, let’s face it, who has time to search, review, or disseminate OEM notices for issue alerts across multiple vendors? Many outages are related to bug fixes and firmware updates, and ManageIT can provide alerts accompanied by the official OEM/Publisher notices on hardware and software loaded into the IngeNEW IT CMDB.

Lifecycle Management

Every hardware purchase loaded into the database is used to provide unique insights into Warranty and Lifecycle Management. Our clients can generate real time Life Cycle Estimates based on recorded purchase data in relationship to depreciation or EOL/EOSL timing. The use cases for real time lifecycle management data are numerous and very valuable for conscientious consumers and resellers!

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