The QuoteIT module is a customized datacenter catalogue capable of handling even the most complex server, storage and network configurations. We manage the catalogue regularly validating price changes and end of life parts. Whether you are a prospective client or a Value Added Reseller the benefits of a vendor agnostic, and customized, datacenter catalogue are tremendous!

Vendor Agnostic Datacenter Quotes at You Fingertips

Catalogues do exist for commodity purchases like desktops, laptops and peripherals… and OEMs can create datacenter catalogues for their most distinguished customers, but they tend to be inflexible for customers that purchase OS, hypervisor or software direct from publishers through Enterprise Licensing Agreements or other third parties. The QuoteIT Catalogue is customized specifically for your needs and is completely vendor agnostic.

Competitive Balance within a Click

Whether you incorporate standard configurations, or load your recent purchases into the QuoteIT module you are invited to request a competitive quote and can select up to three vendors. You can use the competing quotes as leverage for competitive balance with the incumbent vendor, to justify a purchase, or if the price is right for procurement purposes.