The IngeNEW IT platform has been carefully designed to assimilate all the information collected into detailed and customized reports required by our clients. The objective… to give you the most accurate real time data on your datacenter investments. Whether you are looking for purchase details, shipping information, global location of assets, warranty information, lifecycle analytics, software management, or a total view of OEM/Publisher tickets opened companywide... you will find it in ReportIT!

What You Need to Know… When You Need to Know It

ReportIT delivers what you need to know… when you need to know it. The expansive catalogue of relevant datacenter asset management reports is in a class by itself. Every module, QuoteIT, TrackIT and ManageIT, feed real time information into ReportIT giving our clients a unique view into their hardware and software investments. It is truly the most dynamic datacenter CMDB in the marketplace!

What’s on the ReportIT Menu?

  • Firmware & Bug Fix Library
  • Global Asset Locator
  • Software Inventory Manager
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Warranty Manager
  • Companywide OEM/Publisher Ticketing

Let Us Show You How Simple IT Can Be!