The TicketIT Module provides one location for our clients to open all OEM/Publisher support tickets companywide. The information is collected, organized and provided in the ReportIT section in a manner specifically designed to validate support spend and evaluate vendor dependability on a real time basis. TrackIT provides a single pain of glass view into issue management across the datacenter.

Knowledge Is Power

The ability to look into the number of OEM/Publisher support tickets companywide at the click of a mouse, regardless of platform, can be an invaluable tool when justifying maintenance spend and evaluating vendor dependability. TicketIT is capable of handling a limitless number of vendors giving our clients insight into not just how many tickets are opened on a periodic basis, but information on the make, model, generation and common failures that can be used for a multitude of decision making processes.

Ticket Management Made Simple

Technical Account Managers (TAM) can be very expensive. IngeNEW IT is capable of managing, updating and escalating support tickets on our customers’ behalf at a fraction of the cost of a TAM. Depending on your specific requirements we can tailor a solution to compliment TicketIT and create a total ticket management solution.

Let Us Show You How Simple IT Can Be!