At IngeNEW IT we believe that communication is a key component of the procurement cycle. Whether you are a Value Added Reseller deploying IngeNEW IT for your customers... a Procurement or Capacity Management team using TrackIT to keep your business units apprised of the procurement and delivery process… or a datacenter manager keeping track of open maintenance tickets companywide… TrackIT makes communication a simple and collaborative experience.

Procurement Tracking

TrackIT is a comprehensive order management system that gives our clients the ability to track the procurement cycle from quote to delivery, while keeping all relevant parties apprised of progress. But that’s not all… The TrackIt database is optimized to monitor new assets from acquisition; to end of sale/end of support life; and ultimately through the refresh cycle. It is the only tracking system of its kind.

Datacenter Support Ticket Management

TrackIT gives you the ability to manage every OEM/Publisher datacenter ticket opened companywide. And, with our full array of ticket management services, you can create a custom datacenter ticketing management system to expedite service delivery and collect data to justify your support spend. The Support Ticket module within TrackIT is one of our flagship services… it provides unprecedented OEM/Publisher ticket management automation… at fraction of the cost of a third party Technical Account Manager. If you are a VAR looking to show true “value add”; or a company looking for better visibility into support cost justification and/or vendor dependability management; TrackIT will become an invaluable resource in your datacenter health management tool box!

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